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So you’re searching for a small intimate wedding venue to share with close family and friends. You’re also tired of the same old spaces people choose for their wedding. You know the spaces I’m talking about – hotels, barns, marquees etc. Now, don’t get it twisted – they’re great spaces! But you’re wanting a more quirky wedding venue that is jam packed with character and is different from the mainstream. Only problem is you’ve really got to research hard to find such a space right? 

Look no further amigos, because I’ve found the perfect small wedding venue in Yorkshire that’ll make your little quirky hearts overjoyed! The Workshop and Loft in Mirfield is an intimate wedding venue that’ll smack ya right in the chops with its rustic charm and personality. Think bare brick walls and cosy Persian rugs. Imagine lush green indoor plants, and beautifully styled dried flowers hanging from ceilings. Picture oodles of natural light pouring through sash windows that would make Rembrandt bloody weep in his paint tray. For me, it is one of the ultimate quirky wedding venues here in the UK!

In this blog, I’m going to introduce you beautiful humans to The Workshop and Loft in Mirfield. I wanna provide some inspiration to you, so you can imagine how your own small intimate wedding could look at this quirky wedding venue. I broke my virginity at this cool place through an editorial wedding shoot hosted by Untold with the frankly obscenely gorgeous Zee and Nav. And boy, what a way to break my virginity it was!

The Workshop and Loft‘s Story

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Opening its doors in 2021, The Workshop and Loft in Mirfield is the brain child of Cate Wood. Cate is a florist who owns the flower shop, Flowers at 180, just below The Workshop and Loft Wedding Venue. So, if you’re also on the look out for a Wedding Florist in Yorkshire, then consider this as a two for the price of one homies! Cate bought the upstairs space in mind with offering couples a small intimate wedding venue in Yorkshire. Her vision was to also strip the space right back to its original victorian roots. Through a tonne of graft, she has exposed all the juicy character beneath the tired old office space that The Workshop and Loft previously was. The result? A quirky wedding venue in Yorkshire, spread across two floors, giving style, flexibility and intimacy on your wedding day. 

Let me walk you through my favourite parts of this small intimate wedding venue.

Natural light

Bride sat on a wedding venue window.

On your wedding day, you want tonnes of natural light to get the most beautiful and bangin’ photos. Window light is a classic way your wedding photographer will try to harness natural light. Most often, they’ll place you next to a window whilst you’re getting ready for your wedding day. Or, they’ll do it when you’re writing your vows if this is something you’re keen on. The mood and drama this creates in your photos is so bloody good its frankly disgusting. With more windows than you can shake a stick at, The Workshop and Loft Wedding Venue is therefore the perfect space that’ll have you and your wedding photographer giddy with excitement.


Attention to detail is what really separates ‘the best from the rest’ in terms of unique wedding venues in the UK. Or so this humble wedding photographer thinks! The Workshop and Loft in Mirfield has a treasure trove of little details that you’ll keep discovering over your wedding day. It’s a real feast for the eyes and the sort of thing that your friends and family are likely to not stop talking about long after the wedding. 

It wasn’t just the details of The Workshop and Loft I wanted to capture, but also the details and the story of Zee and Nav’s big day.

Detail shot of a bride's wedding shoes and bouquet.

Decor in a Quirky Wedding Venue

How do you make a wedding venue quirky? Often the space and building itself has to have some charm and character to it. The Workshop and Loft Wedding Venue has this in spades, with high ceilings, distressed walls, and antique wooden floorboards. It also has carefully curated decor that compliments and accentuates the victorian underpinnings of this unique wedding venue. For Zee and Nav’s photos, I couldn’t get enough of them surrounded by oxblood red sofas, ornate mirrors and a cow skull head that adorned on the wall. Man, I know it sounds weird when you write it out like this, but honestly check out the pictures below and tell me you don’t get The Bronte Sisters vibes!

Married couple touching foreheads.

Zee’s Priscilla Dress by WildenLondon and her stunning bouquet of flowers by Emma Cox Brocante only further added to this chic classic vibe with a modern twist. Nav also looked as dapper as hell, dressed up in a vintage style tuxedo. 

Small Scale, Big Heart

The decor of The Workshop and Loft is also complimented with a sea of both dried and fresh flowers, which hang from ceilings and fill every nook and cranny. The effect is to give this small intimate wedding venue a big heart. Zee and Nav said their vows in the ‘The Workshop’, which is the room dedicated to an intimate ceremony of up to 50 guests. Adjacent to the The Workshop is the ‘Green Room’ where the drinks reception takes place, and where those damn fine oxblood sofas will keep your guest’s bottoms comfy.

Flexible spaces

Ok, so you’re probably thinking this quirky wedding venue is going to have some draw backs somewhere right? Maybe being catered specifically for small intimate weddings is both its strength and it’s weakness? Nah my friends. Yes, The Workshop and Loft is a small intimate wedding venue, but its spread over two floors, giving you maximum flexibility on your wedding day. So, whilst your ceremony and drinks are on the first floor, upstairs in ‘The Loft’ is where you’ll have your evening party and can dance throw moves like Jagger with up to 120 guests! Zee and Nav certainly loved having a cheeky dance here. I reckon Nav nearly put his back out with some of the amazing dance ‘dips’ he did – what a hero!


Speaking of ‘The Loft’ upstairs space, it was here that I discovered my most favourite part of this small intimate wedding venue. Draped from the walls were a series of lights that gave the effect of a ‘shower of stars’. Now, me being the creative wedding photographer that I am, I could see instantly how to use these lights for Zee and Nav’s wedding portraits. I’m a total sucker for using creative mediums like prisms to make wedding photos look like pieces of art, and Zee and Nav’s wedding portrait photos were no exception. 

Bride posing for wedding portraits.

Final Thoughts

The Workshop and Loft’s natural light and bags of charm and character were an absolute pleasure to photograph Zee and Nav in. Whilst it may be small in size, this place has a big heart with all of its carefully curated decor and handcrafted flower installations. The space is super flexible, allowing you to have multiple rooms over two floors, each dedicated to a different part of your day. And its stripped back walls and spaces afford an untold number of opportunities for creative wedding photos.

The Workshop and Loft In Mirfield really is the kinda small intimate wedding venue that strikes a chord with me. It’s quirks, character and push to give something outside of the mainstream, is something I also try to reflect in the photography I offer to couples.

Getting Married at The Workshop and Loft Mirfield? 

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Get in touch with me and let’s create some beautiful art together!

Have you chosen you chosen a small intimate wedding venue? Drop me a comment below if so and tell me where it is. I would love to discover more places to recommend to my couples!


Dress // WildenLondon

Florist (Venue) // Flowers at 180

Florist (Bouquet) // Emma Cox Brocante

Venue // The Workshop and Loft

Model Couple // Zee and Nav

Workshop // Untold Workshops

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