Simple Twist of Fate, Bob Dylan

My style as a
wedding photographer

My style is creative, emotive, cinematic and fearless. I aim to make alternative wedding photography outside of the norm, and produce photos that uniquely reflect your character as a couple and as individuals. But your wedding is a story, and I’ll capture all the intimate moments of the day naturally as they occur, saving the more alternative style for couples portraits and group shots.

On your wedding you’ll see me be brave and bold, going that extra step to achieve photos that'll light a spark in your bones and that you'll be dying to share with friends and family. I don’t mind lying on floors, getting entangled in bushes or balancing on questionable walls - it’s all in the name of getting that perfect shot.

Your wedding only happens once, and being fearless, embracing the day and willing to have fun are the attitudes my couples have to their photography, resulting in truly beautiful singular art.

Ready to break 
the rules together?


My approach to your wedding photography can be separated into technique and attitude. In terms of technique, my signature style comes from the use of prisms, fractals, and copper pipes. Added to this is the use of inventive in-camera techniques like motion blur, double exposures (two pictures laid ontop of each other) and freeze framing - all these things are done spontaneously in the moment to capture things as they happen (no cheating in photoshop here).

My final secret sauce to creative wedding photography is a focus on lines, light, colour and symmetry. I’ve trained my eye to see these things in order to create beauty from what others might consider as the ordinary or mundane.

In terms of attitude, I just want you to have fun and not take the process too seriously. I want you to feel totally comfortable around me, so we can have a few laughs, chat away happily and enjoy the experience together. Because, it's only when you feel relaxed that the real you can come out, and it's the raw authentic parts of you I want to capture. When the confetti on your day settles, I know we'll say our goodbyes feeling more like old friends.

Let's be
partners in crime