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Have you got an engagement shoot planned, but you’re struggling to know what outfits to wear? Are you tying yourself up in knots on whether to buy that new engagement shoot dress, or keep it more casual with a pair of tried and trusted comfy jeans? Don’t sweat it amigo, I’ve got you covered with 5 perfect tips on choosing and styling your engagement shoot outfits.

1. Be comfortable 

Engagement shoots are way more informal than your wedding day. Because of that, there is so much more time and opportunity to be creative. The vibe is always about having fun. So, dressing in comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely is essential.

Engagement shoot with couples in cool outfits.

There is no fear about getting your wedding dress or suit dirty, so your photographer may also encourage you to lie down on the floor, climb up things, or run towards the camera to get an action shot! Wearing clothes that are a little looser fitting, and clothes that you are not super precious about is also essential. A new engagement shoot dress may seem like a great idea, but if you’ve spent a gazillion pounds on it and are too concerned about keeping it pristine, then you’re going to be too fixated on this and not on having fun on the engagement shoot.

2. Reflect your personality 

Your engagement photos should be a true reflection of your own personalities, quirks and eccentricities.  Otherwise your photos are at risk of just looking like everybody else’s (and who wants that!). What outfits you wear on your engagement shoot should absolutely therefore reflect YOU. If you’re a more alternative couple that vibe off music, then grab your Vans and acid wash band tees. If you’re more of a pair of fashion conscious hipsters, then slip on your Dr Martens, and put on your fedora hats and flannel shirts honeybunny.

Another brucey-bonus top tip is to think if there is anything about you personally that you want to reflect in your photos. For example, tattoos can often be super meaningful symbols and a reminder of something you don’t wanna forget, such as an experience or loved one. Wear clothes like short sleeve t-shirts and show those bad boy tatts off to the world because dudes/dudettes these do look cool af in your photos.

Engagement shoot with couples in cool outfits.

3. Dress in (mostly) monochrome engagement shoot outfits

Choosing what colours to wear on your engagement shoot can be super hard. Often you wanna wear your favourite colours, which man, that’s absolutely fine and cool. BUT, if you wear an engagement shoot outfit with a really strong colour (say red), it can totally dominate your photos and distract from the real area of focus  – which is you of course! I always advise my couples to wear mostly a monochrome outfit,  black or white, and add pops of colour to engagement shoot outfits with accessories like a scarf, boots, or hats. Black and white engagement shoot outfits are on trend for 2023, so you’ll be dressed right on point. More importantly, black and white engagement shoot outfits are classic and timeless, which brings me onto my next top tip!

Engagement shoot with couples in cool outfits.
Engagement shoot with couples in cool outfits.

But before we dive right into that, two final things to try and stay away from when choosing outfits. Avoid clothes with writing on, unless they are personally meaningful to you, as these can be a huge distraction. Also avoid chequered clothes like shirts or skirts because man these do some funky weird thing with cameras that make give your photos this awful effect called ‘moire’. I won’t bore ya with the details on what that is, but trust me, it ain’t pretty!

4. Be timeless

A trendy engagement shoot dress may look great at the time. Or, your on fleek crocs or may be rockin’ in 2023. But trust me amigos, trends wear out, and as a result so will your photos! Try and pick timeless engagement shoot outfits that have ridden trends and still are relevant today – be it a leather jacket, a pair of converse trainers or levis jeans. Stay timeless and therefore as cool af homies. That’s an order!

5. Dress for the season

There ain’t no point in wearing a shirt to show of your tattoos in the middle of winter! Similarly, picking a dress to wear on your engagement shoot in spring when it’s likely to bucket it down with rain is a wee sign of madness. Always make sure your clothes are suited to the weather of the season so that you’re comfortable throughout the engagement shoot. You really want to have fun! Also consider embracing the different seasons in the engagement outfits you choose, be it a classic tartan scarf in the autumn months, or a bangin’ maxi dress in the height of summer.

Engagement shoot with couples in cool outfits.
Engagement shoot with couples in cool outfits.

Bonus tip – bring two engagement shoot outfits

Ok, so I said 5 top tips, but I’m a generous kinda guy, so here is a final bonus tip to really set you up perfectly for your engagement shoot. Consider bringing two different engagement outfits to wear. Not only will this give your photos variety, but this can be great if you’re struggling to decide on what outfit to wear. However, consider that you’ll have to devote some of your shoot time to get changed, and you’ll also have to consider where you can get changed. Again, this can be a bit of a pain if you’re miles away from the nearest toilet and you really don’t fancy showing your backside off to the world!

Engagement shoot with couples in cool outfits.


So, let’s summarise amigos and bring it all together. When choosing engagement shoot outfits, choose something that is comfortable that you can move around in easily. Your outfits should reflect your personality to make them unique to you. Select monochrome engagement shoot outfits, and add pops of colour with details like shoes, hats or scarfs. Avoid trendy clothes, and opt of classic outfits to keep your engagement photos timeless. And finally, dress appropriately for the season so you can focus on having fun rather than on being too cold or too hot!

What engagement shoot outfits will you choose?

I really wanna know what outfits have you decided to wear for your engagement? Drop a comment in the section below and let me know!

Engagement shoot photos inspiration

To give you some inspiration, go and check out some of my most recent engagement shoot photos. I have the coolest couples, who are up for creating artistic photos that truly reflect them.

If you’re interested in booking me for an engagement photoshoot with me, then reach out amigo and let’s chat some more.

Stay rad honeybunnies

Engagement shoot with couples in cool outfits.

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